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Floor Mats for Every Purpose

Outdoor: First Defense Against Dirt

Our outdoor-use mats perform aggressively, with high scraping and draining properties. You can depend on our durable textile and rubber mats as your first line of defense. Brush mats can be used indoors or out, and offer maximum soil stopping power, while displaying an attractive blend of color.

Indoor: Minimizing Maintenance

By capturing fine dirt, dust and moisture, our absorbent textile indoor mats can save you thousands of dollars in floor maintenance, protecting your floors from premature wear and aging. Anti-fatigue mats, such as the Complete Comfort and the Comfort Flow lines provide ergonomic protection for your employees.

Logo & Specialty: Branding Your Business

Render your logo or other message on hard-working textile mats to reinforce your brand message while protecting your floors. The design is produced on a state-of-the-art digital printer, producing 3D images on the carpet. Thousands of colors with superior definition are available, allowing for any logo or design.

Synergy Dust Mops & Wet Mops

Dust is collected and retained by static cling and the unique twist of the yarn in the Synergy dust mop. Looped-end construction prevents fraying and gives better pickup of soil. The mops don’t have to be treated so they don’t add to the oil in wash water, protecting our environment. The mops are made with tough polyester backing that lasts longer and doesn’t shrink.

Synergy wet mops are now made with 6-ply 100% synthetic yarn that is mildew-resistant. They release moisture and dry faster than other mops, reducing labor time to complete the job.



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We also provide washroom products, such as hand soaps and sanitizers, paper towels and toilet tissue, air fresheners and more. Let us be your ONE-STOP-SHOP!

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