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We offer a variety of restroom products including paper products, hand soaps and sanitizers, air fresheners, and more. We provide dispensers and ensure you always have product on the shelf to replenish.

Paper Products

EcoSoft Controlled Roll Towels are 100% recycled and provide added value and benefits such as usage control and cost savings. Kleenex Hard Roll Towels have a soft feel, providing premium performance. Works with a Kimberly-Clark high-capacity dispenser.

EcoSoft OptiCore Controlled Bath Tissue is 100% recycled. This embossed tissue, combined with our dispenser system, ensures maximum use of each roll, reducing cost and waste.
EcoSoft Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue is 100% recycled. This double-ply tissue has a 9”diameter, ideal for heavy traffic facilities. The Side-By-Side dispenser holds two rolls and features a serrated plastic edge for easy tear-off and a sliding door to ensure only one roll is used at a time.
Scott Coreless Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue, paired with a Kimberly Clark dispenser that holds two rolls, is a high-capacity, easy maintenance system which results in less run-outs.

Scott Personal Seats toilet seat covers offer sanitary protection.

Soaps & Sanitizers

Industrial Soy Hand Soap is extremely popular with our industrial customers. This product is all natural, 100% biodegradable, and concentrated. It is a solvent-free cleansing formula containing fibril scrubbers for extra cleansing power, but is easy on the hands.
FoamFresh Antimicrobial Hand Wash is a high-quality foam soap formulated with moisturizers and conditioners.
Alco-Gelo Hand Sanitizer evaporates quickly and kills 99.99% of common germs that cause illness, leaving hands smooth and refreshed with a light citrus scent.

Air Fresheners and Urinal Cleaner/Deodorizer

The F-ONE Passive Air System offers 60 days of odor control in an environmentally responsible way. It contains a molecular odor counteractant that effectively fights odors, rather than merely masking them, and provides a variety of fragrances.

OmniGuard Urinal Deodorizer, Descaler, and Cleaner is the solution for complete urinal care. Powerful cleaner and descaler removes years of calculus build-up in pipes and prevents new build-up from forming. Eliminates odors, and emits a light, fresh scent.
F-Matic Urinal Guard Screens deodorize urinals and protect against pipe clogging. Enzymes work continuously to fight odors and clean the urinal.


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